The Chesapeake Environmental Improvement Council (CEIC) publishes their Newsletter "Heron Chronicle" each quarter.  To read the latest issue of the Fall 2023 Heron Chronicle click HERE. To read a pdf of the Summer 2023 Issue  click here.

In addition to the above, educates, engages and motivates citizens to make good environmental choices here in Hampton Roads. 

Chesapeake Recycling Information:

This is the latest information as of June 2022 on Chesapeake's current recycling options. Below is a quick summary of the available options:

There will be 7 recycling sites opening to the community starting July 1, 2022:
1. Russell Memorial Library – 2808 Taylor Rd
2. Chesapeake Central Library / Municipal Center – 298 Cedar Road (East Parking Lot between Albemarle Drive and Library)
3. Indian River Library – 2320 Old Greenbrier Road (Old Greenbrier Road and Providence Road)
4. Department of Human Services – 100 Outlaw Street (Outlaw Street and Bainbridge Blvd)
5. Toll Plaza Road – Cul-de-sac at 168 Toll Plaza Road (Chesapeake Expressway Administration Building)
6. Chesapeake City Park – 900 City Park Drive
7. Deep Creek Park – 437 George Washington Highway South

Currently there are now 3 providers:
*Recyclops will recycle glass for an additional monthly fee.

For Food Waste & Organics: Tidewater Compost

What about the BLUE bins?

Residents are encouraged to keep their blue bins to allow for additional trash capacity. However, residents who do not wish to retain the blue bin may contact the City beginning July 1 at 757-382-2489 to request it’s collection. Note that residents who voluntarily surrender their blue bin(s) acknowledge that should they require an additional bin in the future, they must purchase it by contacting the Treasurer’s Office. Additionally, no refunds will be provided for voluntarily surrendered bins that were purchased by residents.




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If you are a person with a disability and desire assistance or accommodation, please notify the Chesapeake Extension Office at 757-382-6348/TDD*) during normal business hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. *TDD number is (800) 828-1120.